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Top 20 Legal IT Innovations 2017: PitchPerfect

Proposal software, PitchPerfect, featured in Top 20 Legal IT Innovations 2017

Top 20 Legal IT Innovations 2017 PitchPerfect

Enable Business Solutions only started 4 years ago. But the man behind it has been around for a little longer: Liam Flanagan founded the legal tech firm Tikit in London in 1994, which floated on the London's AIM in 2001. When the business was sold to British telecom for $102m (£78.4m) in 2012, the then 57-year old felt he still had a lot to offer the legal market in providing a different type of software development company that integrated systems. "I surrounded myself with friends, old colleagues, and family, who invested in the Enable business," says Flanagan. "Several good product ideas emerged, but one good one stood out immediately: PitchPerfect. There was such a big gap in the market for this type of application." In essence, PitchPerfect is designed to simplify and enhance the process of creating law firm pitch documents. What should be a simple exercise can often become tortuous and protracted for law firm marketers, business development professionals and partners. Using a ribbon in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, steering clear of wizards and other applications that obstruct the document creation while minimising corruption, and the duplication of content and effort." using Microsoft SharePoint as the CMS, proposal software PitchPerfect encourages firms to centralise their content and streamline the way in which they store, manage and update their information.

"PitchPerfect can be implemented quickly, usually within three to four months," explains Flanagan, "fulfilling law firms' pitch building and proposal generation requirements in a sensible timescale." To date, it is either used or being implemented by three Am Law 50 firms, two big Australian firms, the world's second biggest offshore law firm, and several top 100 UK firms. Flanagan is proud to lead what he describes as a "formidable team of experts in their field who are all passionate about what they do: an equal blend of youth and experience - a wonderful combination to see working and developing together. They always listen for and identify opportunities to address problems and pain points that law firms face." Naturally, he encourages "everyone to provide an excellent client experience and the best service." His biggest challenge has been to build a completely new enterprise product from the ground up, and then to educate the market as to why they should use it. His bold aim is to make PitchPerfect number one in the world. In terms of competition, he points to web content management companies, which take a different approach: "They use wizards to harness the content and push it into Word, making extensive use of section breaks in a way they were not designed for."

Liam Flanagan Legal IT Innovations PitchPerfect

Over recent years, the Enable team has demonstrated PitchPerfect to many law firms in multiple jurisdiction's. "We're no longer surprised to hear sharp intakes of breathe when we show how easy it is to build extremely sophisticated, visually appealing pitch and marketing documents that they can easily create in Word, "he says. "We reveal the art of the possible that they never could have imagines. It is uplifting to see and hear their response." Beyond PitchPerfect, Enable launched LegalPerfect at the end of 2016, designed to create legal agreements, contracts and other complex legal documents. Its technology is built upon the PitchPerfect platform. Since inception, this has also been "well-received by big law firm clients." Further AI, 100% cloud-based product offerings are in the pipeline. The Perfect pipeline that is.

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