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Interview with Tim Kenney - Director of Sales, North America

As Enable continues to expand, Tim Kenney made a fantastic addition to the team heading our sales division in North America. Tim will play a key role in helping law firms make the transition from old school and traditional operations and introduce them to the world of legal technologies.

Tim believes this is the future stating “The pandemic has had a huge positive impact on large and medium sized law firms. IT was seen by many firms as ‘heroes’ as they enabled firms to continue working from home and practising law. Lawyers realised with the modern tools, they do not need to be in the office every day to be effective. Consequently, there is more trust in IT and for the short term at least – more budget.”

With Tim’s expert information technology knowledge and strong, extensive relationship with Enable PLC, we went ahead and asked him some questions about Enable PLC and what he thinks about the future of Law firms and technology.

1. How long have you been working in the legal industry?

Since 1990. I Practiced law for four years then got into legal technology in 1994. I have been in the industry of law and technology for more than 25 years.

2. What inspired you to specialise within the legal tech and software sector?

I had a law degree and wanted to leverage it and my experience as a lawyer. I saw how technology was changing the practice of law and it seemed exciting.

3. What led you to working with Enable?

I had the pleasure of working with many of the Pinnacle and Enable teams over the years, particularly when several were with Tikit. I have kept in touch with several folks and when Pinnacle and Enable joined I seemed like a good opportunity.

4. Having only recently joined the Enable team, what was your deciding factor on the job and company as a whole?

For me, it was the people and my respect for their views and expertise in legal technology.

5. From your perspective what direction do you see the legal tech market going, in the next 5 years?

We are definitely at a crossroads. The cloud and remote working are changing the nature of the practice of law and legal tech has a chance not only to help, but to lead. The large law firm as we know it is going to look different. Outsourced IT (even management) is going to become more prevalent. Competition for business will become more intense as ASP’s and consulting firms continue to eat at clientele. Maximising revenue opportunities and realisation of revenue will become even more important than it is now.

6. What advice do you have to any aspiring “legal software salesperson” looking to enter the sector?

Have you looked at other verticals that are more lucrative? (Joke)

7. In your opinion, what is the most unique aspect of the PitchPerfect and TimePolicyManager software?

a. PP – is a great niche product that directly leads to more law firm revenue. The architecture is the advantage over the competition. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also easy to integrate with law firm systems.

b. TPM – This is truly a unique product. Law firms have had policies relating to entering time for decades. The statistics on realisation from entering time daily and billing clients in a timely fashion are well known. The problem has been the willingness to enforce the policies and the tools to do it. TPM is a strong tool to enforce time entry (and Information Governance) policies that exist at all firms and a sure way to realise more revenue.

8. What positive impact has technology had on the legal industry during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The pandemic has had a huge positive impact on large and medium sized law firms. IT were seen by many firms as “heroes” as they enabled firms to continue working from home and practicing law. Lawyers realised with the modern tools, they don’t need to be in the office every day to be effective. Consequently, there is more trust in IT and for the short term at least – more budget.

9. It has been reported that many law firms will continue with some form of remote working, how can the Enable software solutions help?

The Enable products at the core are about getting and keeping more revenue. PP – as lawyers work remotely and business development staff do also, it will be extremely important to have an easy-to-use tool which lawyers and business development staff can use collaboratively to respond to RFI’s and create pitches. Less reliance upon the marketing and business development teams means the need for a better tool. PP fits that need.

TPM - As lawyers work remotely, being able to enforce time keeping policies will become more difficult. Lawyers will not be in the office and staff will not be able to “knock on the door” any more to chase them to get their time in. Emails are easily ignored. A more effective tool to enforce compliance will be needed. TPM is the only tool on the market that can take that extra step.

10. What are some of the typical challenges law firms face when adopting new technology, and how can the PitchPerfect and TimePolicyManager software provide a solution to this?

Both products were made so training (if at all) is minimal. Any technology now that requires a steep learning curve or a change in culture is not going to work. PP is an easy to use tool that requires little training. TPM requires no training for the lawyers – only the willingness of management to enforce existing policies.

Just for Fun

1. What was your dream job when you were younger?

Professional athlete. PGA tour golfer.

2. Who is your favourite musician?

Do not know if I have a single favourite. I love all sorts of music.

3. Where will your next holiday be?

Just had one on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

4. Favourite season and why?

Probably Spring. Especially here in the Southern US. The blooming flowers and trees are spectacular.

To chat to Tim Kenney about our innovative legal software, such as PitchPerfect or TimePolicyManager, be sure to call on +1 679 357 8348 or make an online enquiry here.

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