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Enable to sponsor #SecretHorizons

We are very excited to be sponsoring the Janders Dean #Secret Horizons event this month. The event is aimed at law firms and business development leaders who are tired of the #sameoldsameold conferences and events. In fact, Enable will be adding their own blend of fire and spirit to the event with the Enable bloody Mary session!

The conference series will start with a dedicated focus on the future of law firm Marketing & Business Development. The goals for #SecretHorizons is to apologetically set the tone and cement the trends for the years ahead.

The event will take place in London on 16th May 2019 at The Boundary Project in Shoreditch.

Click here to view the all-star line-up of speakers from inside and outside and to inspire and motivate the delegates.

We will be exhibiting our innovative #PitchPerfect software. The product was designed to save law firms time, money and alleviate stress. With legal marketing and business development constantly evolving and the competition increasing it is essential for firms to stand out from their competitors by ensuring their pitch documentation is of high standard, professional, consistent and engaging. It is also vital that the presentation portrays your firm's brand, tone of voice and objectives.

No law firm (or business for that matter) can afford to lose potential clients, valuable fee earning time and the possibility of generating a higher ROI. This is where PitchPerfect comes in with a tool for automating the creation of quality, uniformly branded and professional pitch documents Moreover by integrating into both Microsoft Office and PowerPoint, required training is kept to the minimum.

The software ensures you and your legal team have more time to focus on tailoring the pitch and winning the client. With an ever-increasing number of pitch documents being created, law firms need to be able to produce concise, well-structured and clearly articulate pitch content quickly and easily.

To find out more about the product click here, alternatively come talk to us at Secret Horizons.

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