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Ensure fee earners keep their time recording up to date

In a business that sells time, law firms know and understand that effective and accurate time recording is essential for profitability, and where there are fixed costs, understanding profitability.

A poorly executed time recording policy and strategy will impact on the firm negatively. Being able to monitor, understand, manage and enforce fee earners on their time recording behaviour on an ongoing basis will reap financial benefits and maintain profitability.

Time recording is a behavioural task that is bespoke to each firm and with this in mind Enable Business Solutions developed RevenueManager to provide firms with a configurable intelligent software solution that addresses an industry wide problem.

RevenueManager is a software solution that ensures fee earners keep their time up to date, notifying users of missing time so avoiding errors and rework. If fee earners still fail to complete their time recording data then the system will provide escalating warnings and override other applications so compelling fee earners to submit their data.

Revenue Manager does this through integrating into the firm’s time recording platform and interacting directly with the fee earners.

Through engaging with RevenueManager a firm can expect: -

  • An increase in time and accuracy of data recorded

  • Continuous monitoring of time recording

  • Notification and sanctions for users with missing time

  • Email notifications to management and supervisors

  • Management reporting on the worst offenders

  • A system that need never be seen by fee earners if they comply but impossible to turn off if they do not

  • Easy to configure platform for ease of integration

With RevenueManager, decision makers are provided with management information and updates in order that sanctions can be enforced and data can be analysed. As your firm is capturing billable time more promptly Revenue Manager will pay for itself quickly – and many times over.

If you would like further information on Revenue Manager, request a demo here alternatively contact us on 020 3743 9626 or make an online enquiry here.

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