Pitching software you already know how to use.

We found a way for fully branded, design-quality documents to be created in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. With the flexibility and ease-of-use of any other document. Enabling any user to work with Word and PowerPoint.

It also takes a fraction of the time.

PitchPerfect opens in the Microsoft Office toolbar
PitchPerfect used to create a legal team sheet
PitchPerfect used to create a legal bio
How does it work?

Everything accessed from Microsoft Office 

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word or PowerPoint
Step 2: Click on the PitchPerfect tab in the ribbon (or toolbar)
Step 3: Select the type of document you want to create
Step 4: Start working on the document.

You can search for the content you want to insert (wherever you want to insert it) by choosing the relevant button on the PitchPerfect ribbon.

It's quite simple, really.

Manage content in Microsoft SharePoint
No more copying and pasting

Imagine, all your content being approved and up-to-date. Knowing exactly where your content is. Being able to insert your content into documents without formatting issues.

By storing your content in a single location, we can achieve this.

The best part: it keeps your formatting intact, and stops documents from breaking. Even for the least experienced people.

We use Microsoft SharePoint as our Content Management System. 

Your unique templates

Firms often ask us if the documents they create in PitchPerfect will look like the documents they currently create. The simple answer is yes.
Yes, they will.

While our software stays the same, every template we build is made to match your firm’s branding.

Your documents should feel as unique as your firm is.

Experience and capabilities are quickly created
Custom cover pages to match your law firm brand guidelines
Long and short partner bios created in MS Word
Collaborate on Tasks

How could we expect you to create document quickly without working with others? We couldn’t.

There are so many ways to collaborate with Microsoft. Saving documents in SharePoint. Utilising Office 365. Or, some DMSs (for instance, iManage – which we also integrate with) have added collaboration features.

But, in case that isn’t enough, we’ve built a new Tasks feature. Send to-dos. Schedule due-dates. Add comments. Without leaving Word.

Collaborate on legal tenders, bids, and proposals
Respond to requests for proposals (RFPs)
Respond to RFPs

What would proposal software be without the ability to respond to requests for proposals?

Add your saved content – from people bios to RFI responses – to any unbranded documents. It even works with tables.

Track and report bid win and loss
Analytics, Reporting, and Notifications

•    Keep track of how many marketing and BD documents have been created
•    Recording of key information, such as client, lead lawyers(s), and pitch status
•    Automatic population of graphs and charts for reports
•    Daily, weekly, monthly, or immediate notifications of documents created or modified

Integrates with other legal software including iManage and InterAction

PitchPerfect can integrate with your current DMS, CMS, and CRM. As well as Excel spreadsheets, the back-end of your website, Active Directory.

As a guide, we can integrate with anything with an open API, probably.

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