About Us

At our core, we believe all business is about people.

About Us

The people who work for the business. The people who work with the business. Every success and failure a business sees comes from the successes and failures of the people. Everything that a business does should start with the consideration of its people.

Everything we do starts with the consideration of people.

This is how we Enable.



David Lumsden
Liam Flanagan
Innovations Director
Kim Walton
Template Director
Colin Fowle
Software Development Director
Steve Knowles
Financial Controller
Rob Cohen
Head of Compliance
Johnny Jones
Client Services Manager
Atul Narang
Sr. SharePoint Developer
Cathy Taylor
Implementation Manager
Arabella Bown
Sales and Marketing Manager
Tony Barrett
Business Development Executive
Liv Reed
Marketing Executive
Anil Kumar
Syed Hussain
Senior Client Services Engineer
Alex Agnew
Client Service Engineer
Mickel Corrodus
Client Service Engineer
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