Ensure fee earners keep their time-recording up-to-date.

Override applications. Capture billable time promptly. Transform time-recording behaviour. Without the need for finance or management to intervene.

Alert fee earners for missing time
Schedule system alerts

Continuously monitors time recordings. Notifies users of missing time. Automatically launches your time recording system when time is missing.

How many days can time recording wait? Set your missing time range for notifications and add a configurable grace period.

Includes a stopwatch feature to postpone notifications for a set time. To allow the fee-earners to complete any urgent tasks.

Synchronise time recording with fee earner calendars
Investigates diaries and DMSs

Gives helpful indicators of activity undertaken. Finds activities that could count towards missing time. Automatically adds and updates public holidays based on the fee-earner’s region and office location.

Distinguishes between missing time and time recorded but not closed.

Why record their time?

Make it in people’s interest to record time.
As an optional bonus, set up a strikes system.

For users who consistently fail to record time promptly, strikes can be administered. Choose what impact receiving a certain number of strikes will have on individuals.

Avoid consistently missing billable time
Gain knowledge and insight

With regular, accurate time recording, business performance can be accurately measured and monitored.

Give management up-to-date information on activity. Discover your firm’s split between chargeable and non-chargeable work.

Measure business performane for billable work
Configure settings to match your firm requirements
Manage configuration

Multiple configurable parameters can be set, including:
•    By office, individual, or firm-wide
•    Full-time or part-time working weeks
•    Weekends for Middle Eastern working weeks
•    Hours in a day

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