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The Company Voice - ensuring your staff sticks to brand guidelines

The client proposal continues to be a vital part of business development in the ever competitive legal industry.

A client pitch should be unique to every client, creating targeted content relevant to their business and legal matter. However, it is advisable to ensure there are core brand consistencies across all promotional materials, setting out a set of guidelines to all staff to create a unified identity and company voice. For example colours, logo and typography are all key elements that should always stay the same.

Why is this important?

Communicating brand consistency across all your media channels, both on and off-line ensures your brand is recognizable within your industry, with your clients and shows reliability. Having a cohesive brand appearance shows potential clients you take pride in the finer details, promotes a professional appearance and enables you to protect the integrity of your brand's image.

Brand guidelines

Setting a standard set of rules and guidelines for all employees to follow is a valuable tool to keep your brand consistent. Staying consistent takes time, effort and more importantly strict guidelines. One way of promoting this, is to create a sharealable master document that all employees are expected to follow when creating client pitches or marketing materials. These guidelines should always include visual guidelines such as:

  • Logo usage

  • Colour palette

  • Typography/ fonts

But they can also include:

  • Company voice - words your company uses to show core values and personality

  • Imagery

  • Company mission statements

Even if you have a master document created, how do you ensure these rules are adhered to and how do you monitor it? One of the biggest reasons in not following a standard format is time. Finding the right font, images and set logos, can all take up considerable time and we realise how valuable time is to any business. This lost billable time can be costly so it is easy to understand why many law firms fall in to the trap of sending generic pitch documents or business brochures, instead of creating well drafted tailored client proposals.

Need a solution?

Law firms need to be able to produce sophisticated, professional draft pitch documents quickly and easily so that the pitch team can focus on winning content.

Pitching software you already know how to use

We understand the importance and value of a law firm's time and have found a way for high-quality, branded and consistent marketing and business development documents to be created in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

PitchPerfect automates the creation of these documents through an add-in for Microsoft Office. Available in Word and PowerPoint, PitchPerfect connects your branded templates to your approved content, stored in a single content library (in Microsoft SharePoint).

PitchPerfect is built to your requirements, ensuring your firm’s internal language is used to make adoption easier, and retaining your brand’s unique content and design.

Through automating the process of creating pitches and other supporting documents, PitchPerfect gives you more time to focus on tailoring the pitch to meet the specific requirements of your client or prospect.

See how it works

If you would like further information on PitchPerfect you can download our brochure here or request a demo, alternatively contact us on 020 3743 9626 or make an online enquiry here.

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