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Technological Innovation within the Legal Sector

Is innovation always about bringing something new to the market? Or can it just be introducing a product that provides a solution to a problem?

The legal industry is getting its fair share of attention for developing technology and looking into the future with Artificial Intelligence. We cannot forget, however, that the industry still has issues and challenges that remain and require solving. It should always be the case that business drives technology and not the other way around.

At, Enable Business Solutions, we believe that the legal industry (as with any other) will improve through innovation and as new technology and software reaches the market and continues to develop, firms and their clients will benefit from:

  • Improved ways of working

  • Competitive pricing

  • Enhanced service delivery

  • Increased profits

However, we also believe there are age old issues that need to be tackled, which will result in immediate and profitable outcomes for law firms. Having identified an issue with effective time recording, we developed RevenueManager.

RevenueManager, provides firms with answers to the issues of effective and accurate time recording. Our software has been proven, when installed, to focus fee earners on ensuring that they carry out correct and accurate time recording and through doing so, delivering enhanced profitability and strengthening the understanding of the importance of the time recording processes within the law firm.

A firm which is able to address poor or ineffective time recording puts itself on the path to success or greater success.

RevenueManager is an innovative software solution that drives effective time recording behaviours into firms of all sizes. It continually monitors time recording, notifying fee earners of missing time. The software has an override application that automatically launches the time recording system, when time is missing. Transforming the way your firm time records.

To find out more about RevenueManager you can call us on +44 (0) 20 3743 9626, email us info@enableplc.com or request a demo here.

With RevenueManager in your firm, you can be assured that time recording will become easier and more accurate. A problem that exists across many firms in the industry is resolved, allowing you to investigate and discover further business driven innovation with the increased profitability to afford it!

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