• Kim Walton

Teamwork on trial

It's not easy to find an article about Legal IT that doesn't mention innovation and efficiency

But in despite of the speed of technology change and advances on devices and access to information, there has need one area of Legal IT that has seen little change in 20 years. that's the process for collaborating on transactional documents, where documents are typed using Microsoft Word and then distributed to external parties by Email.

Email was the biggest game changer in the document production process since the word processor. It was quick and easy to use. But it also introduced a number of challenges. There was an increase in document corruption - and additional products were implemented to combat this, as well as for document comparison and stripping metadata. At the same time, internal processes such as firm-wide house style and bespoke macros increased efficiency when working on internal documents, but they introduce more issues when working on other firms' documents.

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