• Olivia Reed

Speed Up Your Pitch Process for Maximum Results

There is no getting away form the fact that one of the main aspects of business development in law firms is creating pitch documents for potential clients. In fact, countless houses a year can be spent on these intensive, non-billable and often tedious tasks.

Fortunately, we can provide a solution to allow your firm to reduce the repetition and automate the more mundane aspects of document creation that often hinders business development opportunities.

In streamlining the process, we have addressed some of our clients' consistent pain points, to ease the process of producing multiple pitch documents whilst ensuring branding, messaging and tone of voice remain consistent, all with ease of access to the most relevant and up to date content.

By delivering an automated pitching process, firms benefit from reduced document production time allowing for greater focus on pitch strategy and personalisation.

Pitching software, you already know how to use.

We understand the importance and value of a law firm's time and have found a way for high-quality, branded and consistent marketing and business development documents to be created quickly and easily in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

PitchPerfect automates the creation of these documents through an add-in for Microsoft Office making adoption

easy. Available in Word and PowerPoint, PitchPerfect connects your branded templates to your approved content, stored in a single content library.

PitchPerfect uses your existing Word and PowerPoint template layouts to ensure your firm retains its brand's unique content and design.

Through automating the process of creating pitches and other supporting documents, PitchPerfect gives you more time to focus on tailoring the pitch to meet the specific requirements of your clients or prospect.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Create design quality proposal documents quickly and easily

  2. Customisable tracking and analysis against active and historic pitches

  3. Works directly in Word and PowerPoint

  4. Logic-based, configurable searching of all content

  5. Accessible by any user, anywhere

  6. Uses workflows to assign tasks and deadlines

If you would like further information on PitchPerfect you can download our brochure here or request a demo, alternatively contact us on

020 3743 9626.

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