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PSMG magazine explores the benefits of proposal software, featuring PitchPerfect

​In recent years, many professional service firms have made a concerted effort to deliver ‘bang’ for their ‘buck’ in relation to their marketing efforts – including the use of performance-enhancing technology.

One way that marketing functions can improve their productivity is be deploying proposal software. Essentially, this software allows users to create and manage pitch documents using straightforward, automated processes. The productivity enhancement offered by this type of solution can be dramatic - the first draft of a pitch can be created in minutes, rather than hours or days. "I'd say that a time reduction of up to 90 per cent is not unrealistic, which has made a huge difference to us," says Simon Moffat, head of business development at Charles Russell Speechlys. Simon's firm uses the PitchPerfect automated proposal software offered by Enable, after inheriting the solution from its legacy merger partner, Speechly Bircham.

An extract from a PSMG Magazine article written by Richard Parnham about efficient pitching. In the article he explores the benefits of software solutions and explains the deployment process.

Richard highlights some of the key advantages of using pitching software:

  • The solution itself is invisible - the main functionality is accessed via a customised Office ribbon.

  • A tender document will be automatically laid out on the page.

  • As a result, the firm's tenders have a consistent look and feel, no matter who produces them.

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The benefits Charles Russell Speechlys are seeing with PitchPerfect

  • Time taken to produce team sheets and CVs has been reduced by 80%

  • Team sheets and CVs can now be produced by anyone in the firm – not just Marketing

  • Time taken to produce a draft pitch has been reduced by 90%

  • The time saved can now be used to think strategically and create bespoke “winning” pitches

  • Morale in the marketing team has improved as the team can now focus on adding value and producing customised pitches - rather than spending the majority of their time formatting and copy & pasting

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