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Legal IT Insider: Accountancy Tech Report

In the first Accountancy Tech Report recently published by Legal IT Insider, Enable CEO David Lumsden gives details on the products and services we offer clients, what sets us apart from the competition, and what you can expect from Enable in the future.

Original article by Legal IT Insider.

What core products or services do you provide for accountants and lawyers?

We provide best in class Microsoft Word & PowerPoint Template expertise and services, as well as excellent SharePoint and Microsoft Stack development skills and toolkits. In terms of our core products, Enable PitchPerfect is an enterprise content management and proposal system used by many of the leading international professional services firms around the world, Linklaters being the latest. Enable Revenue Manager, meanwhile, is a new product that has been quickly adopted by two of the largest UK firms. It dramatically improves the free up of unbilled time and WIP by freeing up lockup.

What do you consider to be the core benefits of your products or services for those sectors? What challenges do you help them to overcome?

Pitch creation in many large professional organisations is full of inefficiency. Templates are often designed by inhouse design teams and then converted to Word by inefficient means. These templates, when used in the pitch process within Word, cannot be easily employed by end users and therefore require expensive document support and design teams throughout the proposal life cycle. This, of course, is both inefficient and costly. PitchPerfect removes these inefficiencies.

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What sets you apart from your competitors?

Happy users! Through ease of use and efficiency throughout the enterprise we make life easier for those who use our products. Read how Baker Botts have been impressed with the integration of PitchPerfect into their working routine.

What are your company’s ambitions? If we were toasting your success in five years’ time, what would we be toasting?

A great brand and a strong reputation as a firm that listens to our clients and provides stable, easy-to-use, products. We will continue to innovate and to deliver on our product strategies according to our road map. We also plan to grow strongly in new, but similar markets.