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How to optimise business - wide remote working and team management while utilising PitchPerfect'

At Enable, we have taken proactive measure to ensure our clients and teams are looked after during the current global pandemic. Our industry leading PitchPerfect software has allowed clients as well as our team to ease into the transition of the 'new normal' we call remote working.

We have put together a list of our top 3 tips on how our PitchPerfect software can help you ensure your business development process is optimised to its full potential, while ensuring your staff and clients communicate and collaborate in the most effective manner.

1. Unique Templates

A major business concern when it comes to remote working is trying to maintain standardised templates across all teams. With our extensive knowledge and experience of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, we can build templates that will replicate your branded documents. We can guarantee that even the most bespoke templates with the power of PitchPerfect we will provide your firm with an easy-to-use solution, helping you navigate the global pandemic.

2. Collaborate with our ease of use software

Through PitchPerfect, you can ensure that your business development and marketing teams are fully equipped for the most productive team working and virtual collaboration by utalising our fully branded, design quality documents that can be created in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Our software visibility function also allows managers and fee earners to monitor work progression and add input quickly and effectively, without compromising the formatting, saving or quality of the document.

3. Communication is key

Over the years, remote working has bought about many negative connotations when it comes to staff management and productivity. The number one reason for this, is the inability to communicate effectively whilst remote working. Many companies have had to find a way to navigate these speed bumps during the COVID_19 crisis, however, not many businesses have been successful. Our PitchPerfect software allows team members to collaborate on tasks, ensuring communication is never lost and allowing the team to remain efficient.

At Enable, our focus is to help businesses navigate this uncertain reality we are currently faced with. We can do this through consistent collaboration, communication and ensuring your business is able to work effectively, of any document, from anywhere.

If you think we can help you please get in touch with our team of experts today for more information on how you can optimise business-wide remote working and team management.

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