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How can PitchPerfect help you with monitoring your success rates and improving your bid process?

With PitchPerfect’s included PitchTracker module, recording information is easy, allowing effective tracking of past and present pitch documents. The PitchTracker pane, which is completely configurable for your firms reporting requirements, enables you to capture information about the pitch, such as:

  • Submission Deadlines

  • Won/Lost

  • Lead Person

  • Hours spent

  • Opportunity value

  • Client, Sector, Service Line, Office, Region, Team etc.

With the PitchTracker side panel, containing optional or required input people are prompted to record the information you want to capture about the proposal. You can then use this information to manage your proposals, analyse data and report results.

Customisable tracking and analysis against active and historic pitches

Analyse win rates by region, practice, sector or fee earner and strategically review performance and profitability to help determine the likelihood of success. This information can then be used to generate reports and visualisations (e.g. through Microsoft PowerBI) to enable you to understand areas to adapt for best practice to help improve a pitch strategy that will add value from the very start of the pitch process. Analytics and reporting can include:

  • Keeping track of how many marketing and BD documents have been created

  • A record of key information, such as client, lead lawyers(s), value and pitch status

  • More and less profitable practices and areas

  • Win % and average hours spent

These highly important KPI’s help to build a crucial picture of the success of your pitch documents by measuring the effectiveness of your current process. Crucially it can also monitor submission deadlines, to allow a firm to keep track of the process and ensure deadlines are met. PitchTracker also enables you to search against past proposals.

‘Many of our law firm clients find that their business development resources are overstretched, which is why we created PitchPerfect as a solution to help make the pitch process much easier and more time efficient.’ Liam Flanagan, Founder and CEO of Enable

About PitchPerfect

PitchPerfect, allows users to create high quality branded pitch documents effortlessly in Word and PowerPoint. Bespoke templates are accessed via the PitchPerfect ribbon which sits in Word or PowerPoint, and allows for saved and approved content to be added into a document using simple PitchPerfect searches. Everything in PitchPerfect is accessed from a familiar location: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, which means less training, fewer questions, and faster adoption.

Through automating the process of creating pitches and other supporting documents, PitchPerfect gives you more time to focus on tailoring the pitch to meet the specific requirements of your client or prospect.

See how it works

If you would like further information on PitchPerfect you can download our brochure here or request a demo, alternatively contact us on 020 3743 9626 or make an online enquiry here.

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