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Effective Experience Management - RFI Automation

Responding to client requests for information can be one of the most crucial aspects of a successful client proposal process, but how do you ensure that your BD team or those creating the RFI/RFP, have the right information to hand, to enable them to provide a qualified and swift response?

Often a client will expect you to respond via a provided template, so it is crucial you have the means to insert relevant content into a prospective client's RFI/RFP or tender document. However, collating the essential knowledge that will differentiate your law firm can be time consuming and stressful, especially when a deadline is looming.

We have developed a powerful tool Smart RFI, to sit alongside our PitchPerfect solution that makes it easy to find, package and share your firm's intelligence, to streamline the request for information process, allowing you more time to tailor specific content when providing responses.

PitchPerfect RFI/RFP functionality

The PitchPerfect Smart RFI functionality can be used to insert answers to questions, or any other stored content, into tables or as plain text. This content can be pulled into any document in Word not only those created with PitchPerfect.

Typically, searches can be done by looking through past questions and answers and keyword searches for content stored in SharePoint lists. Multiple RFI/RFP searches can be configured to find out all correlating answers.

The benefits of RFP automation

The PitchPerfect Smart RFI feature enables your firm to create, collaborate, deploy and manage detailed RFP responses, even in an unbranded document.

To find out how your BD or legal markeitng team in your law firm could benefit from our RFP automation software call us on +44 (0) 20 3743 9626, email us on info@enableplc.com or alternatively you can request a demo.

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