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Winning the battle of effective time recording

You can see the fee earners in the office, diligently working on cases but when you review the time recording the numbers do not add up! Knowing how important time recording is, law firm managers need a solution that is quick, effective and simple.

RevenueManager, by Enable, is the legal software solution that law firms have been waiting for. The majority of law firms use time recording as their core method of knowing what to charge their client and to assess performance of their staff.

With time recording being so central to the core requirements of a law firm, it is a wonder why many firms and their fee earners struggle to keep on top of, and monitor, time recording and ensure it is performed accurately.

It will be obvious to most law firm owners, managers and heads of department that their staff are working, but when looking at the data produced by the practice management system or time recording system the numbers often simply do not add up.

This leads to file reviews and auditing of time recording to ensure that the correct fees are put into the system. This rework is unwelcome and is certainly not the most appropriate way to time record.

The purpose of RevenueManager is to monitor time recording and to drive fee earners to change habits and time record properly, unlocking the full potential of your law firm.

RevenueManager is an easy to use and easy to install legal software solution that ensures fee earners capture time. If they do not, it will remind and interact with them to ensure time recording is undertaken.

By interacting with the law firm’s time recording systems the software will highlight inactive periods when fee earners should have been time recording enabling them to easily update their time recording on the law firm’s time recording system.

If fee earners fail to time record then the solution will minimise and prevent access to all applications in use (save for their time recording system) so that the fee earners are driven to correct the time recording prior to being able to carry on with their tasks.

RevenueManager is an interactive prompting facility that appears when it knows an issue has arisen with time recording. If fee earners time record as expected, RevenueManager will sit silently behind the scenes. It will only appear when there is an issue to be addressed.

It really is that simple and it works.

For more information or a demonstration of RevenueManager you can call us on +44 (0) 20 3743 9626, make an online enquiry here or email us at info@enableplc.com.

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