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Document Excellence Day

Once again everyone from the UK Document Excellence Group (UKDEG) gathered for their annual congregation to share, learn and give insights into everyday improvements that can be applied when using documents. The day was hosted by the lovely Marianne Armitage who gave us a wonderful welcoming to the event.

To start Simon Ellis-Hughes, Microsoft 365 Product Marketing Manager, answered some previously submitted questions, followed by a demonstration on what we can expect of the future of Microsoft Word. With focuses on accessibility and how they’re going to further innovate beyond the mouse, keyboard, touchscreens, voice and gestures to create documents.

Adrienne Mansfield, Programme Management Consultant, Jepmond Associates, took to the stage next explaining her lengthy journey on how she strived towards paper reduction in her workplace and saving the company a massive amount of money. Embracing us with her relatable struggles of trying to convince the “dinosaurs” to break out of their ways and help change the norm for the better.

Proceeding a little break with a well enjoyed cup of tea, Fiona Donkin, Senior IT Trainer, Brodies LLP, started her presentation by informing us of what’s more important than anything…Giving translations to Scottish slang beforehand so we understood her presentation! After the amusing introduction, Fiona showed us just how much of a challenge setting up eLearning was but how much better the outcome is overall once successful. Most importantly, she told us that passwords are like pants; shouldn’t be shared with anyone and need to be changed regularly.

Simon Elven, Commercial and Marketing Director, Tikit Limited, was next and gave insights into how far we have come along since paper was our primary source of the information we held. Giving us awareness on how much more we can do and are capable of in the present day, far exceeding expectations and that it hasn’t stopped just yet.

Anyone that knows Enable, knows we love a good theme in Microsoft Office. Lucky for us we had Rod Lambert, Managing Director at Media Sterling, and Clare Waller an independent consultant, tell us about themselves and just how much they’re capable of. Saving us all time and keeping those company document consistent along with a great history on themes followed by a demonstration on how to build them.

From iManage we had Peter Wallqvist, VP of Strategy, talk us through how AI is changing the way we work in documentation and how it’s making the lives of the workers easier within law firms. Giving us a demonstration on just how advanced this is and how much further potential it has. Followed by round two of reducing paper by Rob Simcock, Director, Kutana Limited, and how “Paper-Lite” is the future on not only companies saving money but helping the environment furthermore with Adrienne’s points previously and how he’s tackled it from a different perspective.

To finish the day off, we had Ryan Soosayraj, Director of Product Management, Workshare, who delivered a mind-blowing presentation on disruptive technology. Explaining to us how not all disruptive technologies are back to the market but help improve them in the long run. Giving us all relatable answers and concluding that humans are indecisive people, which we can hardly disagree on... or can we.

We hope everyone enjoyed their day at DED18 as much as we did and that they enjoyed the few (or few more) drinks after and we look forward to seeing you all next year!