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How Charles Russell Speechlys Have Revolutionised Time-Recording

Adam Vosper, Head of Revenue and Control at Charles Russell Speechlys, speaks about how Enable Revenue Manager has been successfully used to force fee earners to report their time in November's issue of Briefing magazine.

"'Charles Russell Speechlys used new technology to reset the time-recording culture among fee earners – while also providing timely information flows to management'

"You will no doubt remember what you did yesterday. But can you remember what you did last Wednesday afternoon - and also how long you spent doing it?

Law firms sell time, and that means ensuring fee earners capture the time they spend on client matters. Time recorded promptly will be more complete and more accurate. Clients expect no less.

"But how do you ensure that fee earners keep their recording up-to-date without the need for finance or management to intervene.

"'We immediately gained better knowledge of the split between chargeable and non-chargeable activity, and a far more accurate picture at any point in time.'

"'After a certain stated number of strikes, they're informed the failure will have a financial impact on their bonus. It's transparently in people's interests to ensure they're always recording time promptly.'"

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