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Charles Russell Speechlys

Charles Russell Speechlys have been shortlisted for this month's Business Leadership Awards for their implementation of PitchPerfect

Among global firms including Garrigues and CMS, Charles Russell Speechlys have been recognised for their innovations in document management following their implementation of PitchPerfect. In an article by The Lawyer, they highlight how they achieved such success:

"Charles Russell Speechlys had been struggling with a problem for many years, specifically the efficient, consistent and accurate production of on-brand marketing documents. The firm had always relied on basic Word templates which were easily corrupted, or were regularly adapted by users to fit their personal preferences.

"Content for pitches was gathered from numerous sources including the website, previous pitches, recent directory submissions, the firm’s deals database, and the legal directories. This meant that even creating a first draft of a pitch could take several hours, and there was little guarantee that the content would be accurate or completely up-to-date.

"In addition, brand consistency was always an issue and the look and feel of documents would depend to a degree on who created them. The activity was also largely confined to the marketing team, which created a bottleneck for the creation of often time-sensitive documents.

"Charles Russell Speechlys needed a tool that could assist users in generating a range of marketing documents and needed to: be easy to use and intuitive; be incorporated into existing software that the users were familiar with (MS Office) to enable easy editing; retain brand formatting regardless of the user’s technical capability; and allow signed-off and up-to-date content (text, diagrams, quotes and photographs) to be easily inserted into the documents.

"PitchPerfect, developed by Enable, was identified as being the most appropriate and effective solution. It was designed to be fully integrated into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, utilising their core features and preventing templates being corrupted. The system was new and not used yet by many firms, but clear benefits were identified.

"Charles Russell Speechlys had defined the need for a platform that was focused on improving the experience of all users in creating complex, image-driven documents. Over a 12-month period from May 2015 the marketing team worked with Enable to tailor every aspect of the tool to create a bespoke solution.

"PitchPerfect is now a highly effective tool used by the entire firm. The bespoke Charles Russell Speechlys’ product works in Word and PowerPoint and includes 10 templates (briefing, case study, contact sheet, CV, deal sheet, delegate pack, descriptor, flyer, pitch and team sheet). All the templates can be formatted using set styles and content can be easily added. The extensive bank of content is stored in SharePoint, on the firm’s intranet, and can be quickly and easily edited by the marketing team at any time.

"In short, it uses existing systems and skills to seamlessly produce high quality, accurate and consistent documents.

"As one of the firm’s partners recently commented, 'it looks so simple, but it really is very effective'."

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