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"A Pitch in Time" - Briefing Industry Interview with Liam Flanagan

Briefing Cover, September 2015

Business development and IT in legal and professional services need to work together to make the pitch document creation process more productive, says Enable’s Liam Flanagan

Why do people in law firms default to sitting and working in their comfy silos?

Part of the problem can be that staff don’t truly understand the work of their colleagues in other departments. You can build plenty of bridges – but if people don’t speak the same language (or have access to a reliable translator) it’s hard to get effective cross-department communication off the ground.

Take the business development and marketing teams who work on pitch and proposal responses. “The people putting pitch and tender documents together can really be quite tech-savvy in a general sense – but too often they don’t have the attention of those working in the legal IT department,” says Enable founder Liam Flanagan. It’s impossible to escape the fact they don't have the same level of technology expertise − but BD teams are constantly producing complex documents, with increased pressure to do so more efficiently and successfully to maintain or boost the firm’s revenue. Bid success ratio is the key objective, he says.

“Marketers know how to move and manipulate images for effect, but they don’t always have tools, or an enterprise-wide system, to help them do this very efficiently,” says Flanagan. They need IT to support them in this mission, with greater standardisation.

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