Create fully branded, quality pitch documents in Word & PowerPoint

Using flexible templates, PitchPerfect enables you to insert pitch content directly into your Word and PowerPoint document without relying on rigid wizard functionality.  

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PitchPerfect is comprised of four components: 

Highly engineered Word and PowerPoint templates to fit your brand and house style 

SharePoint Content Management System

Intuitive User Interface via the PitchPerfect ribbon in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

The Enable PitchPerfect Administrator

Client's benefiting from PitchPerfect

A look into legal pitch management

of firms have experienced increased RFP demand

of firms have senior managers involved in pitch strategy

of firms do not create documents that are significantly customised

of firms train lawyers on pitch document content and production

of firms believe it is important to make each pitch document unique 

How PitchPerfect tackles some of these challenges

A familiar interface
PitchPerfect works within the familiar environments of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. This means less training, fewer questions, and faster adoption.
One true source of content
Knowing where your content is and being able to keep it updated is essential. That's why everything for PitchPerfect can be stored in the central location of Microsoft SharePoint - for the best integration to Microsoft Office. With easily searchable content, you have more time to focus on customising the pitch to your client.
If your content is already stored in a CMS, we can integrate with that too.
Firm-wide collaboration
With high demand and fast turn-around times, it is important to have input from the maximum number of people. PitchPerfect works with the most advanced collaboration tools in Microsoft Office. Firm-wide licencing makes it available to the whole firm, with administrator access which enables you to manage who has access to which templates and features.
RFPs and tenders
To help you stay competitive at every level of the bidding process, we've built specific RFP functionality into PitchPerfect. Search past questions and answers, find the most relevant responses based on rankings, and insert PitchPerfect content into any document or template. 
“Everyone uses it [PitchPerfect]. The great thing is if I need to do a cross-departmental pitch, I have the content that different practices have contributed - I can pull it all into one proposal. We have solved so many problems with PitchPerfect.”
Christine Jung, Associate Director of Communications, Operations, Baker Botts

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